Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2)

Extortion and Violence at Economic Sites

General Information about Extortion

With extortion mafia incidents, violence, and threat of violence at business premises becoming more frequent, BACSA has created this information-sharing site to assist victims in getting justice and to support the SAPS in following through on cases.

As a crime, extortion requires two elements that needs to be in the complainant’s statement:

Extortion is a criminal offense -- obtaining money, property, or service from a person or institution, through force or intimidation. This may be by threat to a victim, to their property or family. It may also be by false claim (such as claiming to be a public official). Another form of extortion is offering a business owner "protection"; for example, to keep the business free from vandalism or burglary.

Victims need to create a profile on the site before recording the incident. The profile will help victims add in information at a later stage.

Recording your incident on the information sharing site, does not replace the importance of reporting the crime to the SAPS. All incidents need to be reported to the SAPS, so that you can obtain a case number. Case numbers are used to pursue the status of the case with law enforcement in the monthly Priority Crime Committee meetings.

Victims of extortion and violence at businesses can report these incidents at any SAPS. They are not required to report to SAPS located in the same area as their business.

For more information to prevent extortion or violence and to manage an instance of extortion or violence while occurring, see the guideline. Specifically note the following:

View the guideline. Report Extortions